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2003-2004 Cobra wiper blade (with airfoil) 1994-04 Mustangs

$34.99 $999.99

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Note: This is not a sale price and we're not crazy. The pricing is a temporary deterrent to stop incoming orders til we are able to locate more inventory

Vehicle Compability:
1994-2004 Mustang GT/V6/Bullitt/Mach1/Cobra

03-04 Cobra wiper blade assembly with airfoil built in

● Fits all 1994-2004 Mustangs and Cobras
● This wiper blade has a no-lift airfoil on the blade designed to keep the wiper blades pressed against the windshield at all speeds.
● Wiper blade is .75" longer than regular models for more swipe visibility in wet conditions

*Price reflects one (1) wiper blade assembly. [Motorcraft # WW-2025]

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