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94-2004 Cobra/Mach1 Cross Drilled slotted rotors + Stoptech pads

$375.00 $329.99

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Vehicle Compatibility:
1994-2004 Cobra/Bullitt/Mach 1

Rotors in this kit are compatible with all 1994-2004 Cobra, Bullitt, and Mach 1
Rotors are ZINC plated and will not rust. Price reflects a pair (TWO) front 13" CDSL rotors, and a pair (TWO) rear 11.65" CDSL rotors. (4 total rotors) PLUS a Front and Rear set of STOPTECH pads. How is that for a deal?

● Pair of Cobra Front 13" CDSL ZINC plated rotors
● Pair of Cobra Rear 11.65" CDSL ZINC plated rotors
● Full set of Cobra Front Stoptech pads part # 309.04120
● Full set of Cobra Rear Stoptech pads part # 309.06271
● Our rotors are Zinc plated to repell rust