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CC9994 Maximum Motorsport CC Plates 1994-2004 Mustangs/Cobra

$229.95 $209.99

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1994-2004 Mustang GT/V6/Bullitt/Mach1/Cobra

The Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates address the issues of obtaining proper alignment, both static and dynamic, and achieving high performance handling. The gold of Maximum Motorsports parts lineup. These caster camber plates are built to perform. They are double adjustable, which has two adjustment slots to allow the change of caster and camber independently. These plates have such good adjustment that they even have over double the adjustment range of the stock plates. MM uses spherical bushings instead of urethane, for extreme support but no bind.

The plates are built with the highest quality TIG welding. MM plates include a bump stop which softens the suspension if it should bottom out. These are the plates everyone is talking about... these are the plates that mean business.

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