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Maximum Motorsports Standard Lower Control Arms for 1979-1998


Maximum Motorsports Standard Lower Control Arms for 1979-1998
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1979-1998 Mustang/Cobra

Maximum Motorsports' rear lower control arms plant your rubber firmly to the road. Our design will give you more traction with none of the poor handling characteristics common with other aftermarket control arms. Our unique bushing design provides superior control of the axle's location, without binding the suspension. The optional ride height adjustability feature gives you exceptional flexibility to accommodate all your racing needs.

Stop wheel hop! Improve your Mustang's traction by reducing axle windup, the primary cause of wheel hop. Axle windup is caused by two independent deflections: the control arms and the rubber bushings. Control arm deflection in our arms is eliminated with a design that's three to four times stiffer than stock. Deflection of the factory rubber bushings was eliminated with our unique bushing design. This is the result of extensive motion analysis of what actually occurs in the rear suspension.

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