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Stang Shifter Gaskets Shift Gasket Set TR-3550 TKO Transmissions


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Vehicle Compatibility:
TR3550 TKO Transmission

Includes a base gasket, two shifter handle gaskets that fit most 2-piece shifter handles & instructions. If your shifter handle is a one-piece design (i.e. the MGW shifter) you will not use the shifter handle gaskets.
These are high-temp. gaskets for your aftermarket performance shifter. Ask around, these gaskets are now the STANDARD USE when installing an aftermarket shifter. Some of the benefits include:

● Superior insulation from noise and vibration!
● Provides a better seal than RTV silicon!
● Drastically reduces the time required to install your shifter!
● They are much safer and easier to use than conventional silicon!
● No chance of silicon in your transmission causing costly damage!
● No more hassle with waiting for silicon to cure!
● Simply lay your gasket down, bolt in your shifter and you are ready to roll!
● Shifting remains crisp and firm!
● Fits all shifters including: Steeda Tri-Ax, Pro 5.0, MGW, Hurst, MAC, UPR
● Tens of thousands of sets in use today!

Set includes 1 base and 2 handle gaskets. All gasket sets are mailed out via USPS First Class Mail for just $0.50 delivery.
*Shipping charge will be manually adjusted to reflect the $0.50 shipping rate before customer's credit card is processed.
*If purchasing this with other parts at the same time, the shipping charge is automatically adjusted.