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6-2034 Prothane urethane bushing kit fits 05-09 Mustangs


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Vehicle Compatibility:
2005-2009 Mustang GT/V6

Prothane Total Kits offer the ultimate bushing upgrade for your Mustang!

With just one part number, each Total Kit consists of the most popular items specifically selected for each vehicle. (Due to the variety of swaybar sizes, some kits do not include sway bar bushings). Now you can take advantage of Prothane's matched components that will not only totally improve your ride, but everything will work together for a maximum improvement.

This specific Total Kit includes:

● Front Swaybar Bushings
● Rear Swaybar Bushings
● Shifter Bushings (Manual Transmission)
● Upper Control Arm Bushings
● Lower Control Arm Bushings
● Front Control Arm Bushings

Awesome complete package at a low price.

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