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Ford Racing FR500 Camshaft/Cams kit for 4.6L 32V Cobra & Mach1


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Vehicle Compatibility:
1996-1998 Cobra/1999-2001 Cobra/2003-2004 Cobra/2003-2004 Mach1

In order to maximize the performance potential of the high flow cylinder heads, we recommend these higher lift camshafts. Contained in the kit are all components (including valves and springs) necessary to utilize these improved profiles. These camshafts provide excellent power right to the fuel cutoff at 7000 RPM, and actually bolster low end torque as well. Driveability on the street is superior to production cams. Because it is necessary to install new valves with these cams, it is recommended that this kit be purchased and installed at the same time as the cylinder heads. Cam specs: lift 12mm, intake duration 258 deg, exhaust duration 254 deg, 109 deg center line

● 4.6L DOHC engines


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