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SpeedConcepts 12.43" GT Brake upgrade kit fits all 2005-2010 V6

$279.99 $219.95

SpeedConcepts 12.43\" GT Brake upgrade kit fits all 2005-2010 V6
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This is a Speed Concepts 12.43" brake upgrade kit that fits all 2005-2010 V6 Mustangs. Kit includes 2 brackets that relocate your stock calipers further away from the center of the hub to accomodate the larger rotors and also includes a pair of 12.43" GT brand new blank rotors. You get the benefit of leverage. The further away from the hub, the better stopping leverage you have. The rotors are thicker and include more mass for higher heat absorption.

Added notes:
● Fits 2005-10 Mustang V6 only
● Kit upgrades front 11" V6 brakes to 2005-2008 Mustang GT 12.43" rotors
● Includes 2 brackets and 2 rotors
● Requires 17 wheels or larger. Note: Some wheels WILL require a spacer for caliper clearance