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1994-2004 (Front) 13" Cobra/Mach1 BLANK ZINC Rotors + hawk pads


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1994-2004 Cobra/Bullitt/Mach 1

Description: package deal. Maximum stopping power for your 13" brake system. 13" rotors with awesome performance Hawk HPS pads for the ultimate in street and performance braking applications. These ROTORS and PADS are compatible with all years 1994-2004 for Cobra, Bullitt, and Mach 1 models. These rotors are ZINC plated and will not rust. Price reflects a pair (TWO) 13" front BLANK rotors and a front set of HAWK HPS pads Part # HB111F.610

● Pair of Front 13" Blank ZINC plated rotors
● Full set of Cobra Front Hawk HPS pads part # HB111F.610
● Our rotors are Zinc plated to repell rust.

Rotors are manufactured to 100% Brembo spec

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