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1R3Z-6375-DA FORD OEM FLYWHEEL 4.6L 1999-2004 COBRA/03-04 MACH1

$286.25 $179.99

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Ford OEM flywheel 4.6L DOHC motors. Fits all 11" clutch kits with 8 bolt crank. Will also fit 4.6L SOHC Mustang GT with 11" clutch and 8 bolt crank. Fits all 1996-2001 Cobra*, 2003-2004 Mach1 (manual transmission), 2003-2004 Cobra** and is a direct fit on 2000 Cobra R

*1996-1998 Cobra compatible if upgrading to 11" clutch
**2003-2004 Cobra compatible. Upgrade to this nodular iron flywheel for increased driveability and low end torque. Direct fit replacement for the production aluminum unit (no weak inserts to replace)
4.6L engines may have 6 or 8 bolts to attach to the crankshaft. Check the engine code before ordering. Romeo built engines have 6 bolts and Windsor built engines have 8 bolts. All Cobra engines have 8 bolts. Will work on GT Windsor engines. The 8th character in the VIN is (X) for Windsor engine plant or (W) for Romeo engine.

*SKU photo might be of similar product, but actual photos of flywheel are included in this page

1R3Z6375DA, XR3Z6375BA

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