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Steeda 03-2004 Mach1 & 1999-2001 Cobra Strut tower brace 2 pt


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2003-2004 Mach 1 Mustangs *Also fits all 1999-2001 Cobras


Chassis stiffening at the front is very essential for the suspension to operate as it should. The SN95 chassis requires all the help it can get.
This brace helps maintain the distance between the strut towers which keeps the chassis level without the front part of the chassis flexing by 1-2 inches when encountered with rough patches of tarmac. When this happens, the spring and strut's purpose is negated and the result is normally a bad ride without proper road contact because of the reduced suspension involvement.

Subframes are essential to keeping the struts working as they should and proof of this is found in all high performance road and rally vehicles of all sorts.


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